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Space hotel set to orbit moon by 2024

We can sleep on moon orbit in 5 years time

There some pretty amazing hotels on Earth, but sleeping on the moon's orbit might be possible in as little as in 5 years time. Las Vegas space pod company is planning to send inflatable space hotel to orbit the moon. On the deck there will be place for 6 astrounauts and space tourists alike.

Company already partnered with NASA and attached it inflatable pod to International Space Station. Currently it is used for storage and tests are run to see how good the structure is in blocking cosmic radiation. Now Bigelow claims that a bigger and fully-independent pod B330 called "lunar depot", could be orbiting the moon by 2024.

So what can we expect from a space hotel? There will be no room service, but definitely airport transfer and room views are something worth paying for! Apart of that there will be small cantene, bathroom and fitness area! What a time to be alive!

source: Business Insider