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Stay at the oldest hotel in South Pacific!

Why choose other hotels when you can stay in the oldest hotel in the South Pacific? It’s history reach as far as 1830, when Levuka was a lawless city, where passage to the port was partially blocked with gin bottles. The town was a perfect place for escaped convicts, ship jumpers, debtors and other people who wanted to hide and have fun!

The Royal Hotel was built with sailing ships in mind. Its all rooms are facing the port, so ship owners could keep the watchful eye over their vessels. By the 1860’s Royal Hotel was considered as the finest establishment in town, with shipmasters, plantation owners and even notorious blackbirder Bully Hayes sleeping int the chambers.

First owners of the hotel were ship captains Volk and then Robbie, who bought the hotel from Volk. He used it for his tea-exporting business to Europe. Building caught fire once but was promptly rebuilt and stands until today.

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In hotel:

  • Air conditioning
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • WiFi


  • Boat trips
  • Local guide trips

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